Are you Ready to see big changes in your child so you can forget about autism and do the fun things with your child?

If this is you, there’s good news. There IS a way out if you are stuck second guessing your decisions. And if you’re new to the diagnosis, there is a way to completely avoid this all-too-frequent-phenomenon and start off by knowing exactly what to do. In fact, the Eat To Heal AWEtism system was designed by me, Theresa Lyons, MS, MS, PhD to do just that. In this system, you’ll discover the EXACT steps I used to help my daughter go from severe autism to moderate autism in eighteen months.

And now Dr. Lyons has made this system available to parents all over the globe and the changes have been fantastic!  The biggest and fastest change from following the Eat To Heal AWEtism system was from a determined parent whose child went from severe autism to moderate autism in just 2 months just by following my easy system.


Why do you say AWEtism?

Imagine the worse headache you’ve ever had…but yet people keep talking to you.  Now imagine the worse stomachache you’ve ever had.  Couple all that with either diarrhea or constipation or both.  You’re in so much pain and discomfort that you can’t even sleep to feel better.  That would be a horrible day, right?  But for some with autism, this is their life…pain like this every day…and maybe this is your child…

But yet they try their best…you can see their determination…their desire to learn…their desire to be part of the family…they have so much potential…they try so hard.  They do so much even when they feel terrible.  They don’t know when or if the pain will end but yet they do their best and that is why I say AWEtism.  I am in complete AWE at the capabilities and determination even when their body is failing them in so many ways.  I don’t say autism, I see AWEtism.


When it comes to solutions for dealing with autism, the best first step is food.  


As a parent, I am doing more and more fun things with my daughter now!  I dreamed of having a mini-me who I could show the world and have fun adventures with.  Even the simple things are fun…on the weekends, I like to have a cup of tea, relax in a soft, plush chair, and read a magazine.  And now my daughter grabs her own magazine, scoots up next to me and wants to cuddle as we read together.  Life should be easy and fun like this.  My biggest wish is that every parent can do the fun things with their child that they dreamed about doing before the autism diagnosis.  You and your child deserve to live the best life possible!

I invite you to grow with me on this healing journey, take a leap towards better health, and start helping your child live the life they deserve!

What’s included?

Eat To heal awetism teaches you TO follow the S-M-I-L-E System

A trial and error approach to special diets will cause you to lose motivation and drain your energy.  Don’t waste precious time with a mistake like that.  Success from a special diet requires a structured and systematic approach.  You need a system!  You became a parent to laugh and smile…but have a lifetime of being a caregiver…so I teach parents to follow the SMILE system.  My clients smile again!  Each letter represents a step:

S - Start Sleeping

The first step is sleep because bleep is vital for both your child AND YOU!!  Getting consistent and uninterrupted sleep is the quickest way to start to seeing positive change in your child.  Yes, autism symptoms can decrease just by getting consistent and uninterrupted sleep.  After a few full nights of sleep you too will be saying “This is the BEST system ever!!”

My clients feel so refreshed after this step.  Life just seems better after getting consistent sleep.  I love when parents who have invested in Eat To Heal AWEtism say “I’m no longer a zombie!  I can actually think again.”  Sleep is a wonderful thing!!

M - Change Your Mindset

The first critical step of this system is believing that your child can change.  Believing is alot more than just thinking “Yep, they can change.” I show you what you need to know to help your child reach their highest potential.

If you don’t change your mindset you will be right back in the same boat in 30 days.

I - Incredible, Quantifiable Results

You’ve got to know where you are in order to achieve your healing goal.  In this step, I teach you how to quantify the change from your special diet implementation!  Yes, quantify.  And it’s quick, easy, and reliable.


Real proof of what changed.  No more ambiguous “doing much better”.  You’ve got to have a way to track progress because if you can’t see it you can’t transform it!

L - Leverage 8 Diet Pivot Points

A big problem with Special Diets and Autism is there are too many choices.  There are 8 special diets known to heal autism symptoms.  Most children need these special diets to be customized or combined so that the diet changes you make actually target YOUR CHILD’s symptoms.  To solve this problem I developed a proprietary Special Diet Generator so that customizing a special diet can be done in minutes.  I also have worksheets so you can easily keep track of everything.

Leverage is the way to get this step done.  You can’t just pick one diet and go with it because your child’s symptoms are unique.  You will exhaust yourself this way.  I’ve seen many parents try to figure out diets for years!  Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel.

E - Let's Eat!

This is the last step in the S-M-I-L-E system!  You can do all the planning in the world but how can you get your child to eat the food they need?  How many times have you given them new food and they just don’t eat it?

What happens…then you feel frustrated and annoyed.  You’ve got to get your child to actually eat AND ENJOY the new food and love being on a healing diet otherwise it’s like tripping a few feet from the finish line…you’re just so close…so Let’s Eat!

This is when so many of my clients say “Wow, I can’t believe the difference food makes!”  It all can work so well when following my S-M-I-L-E system.  You can smile again!

“Food is the most powerful way to heal the body and the mind. Dr. Lyons makes it easy for parents of those with autism to understand the importance of food in their child’s health.”

Mark Hyman, MD
11-time #1 New York Times bestselling author
Chairman of the Institute of Functional Medicine


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